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Innovative British Cold Press Technology

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Nutritional Juice For
Nutritional Living

The juice our Bio Juicers produce is clean & clear of any bits. No extra filtration is required. The juice is ready for retail straight out of the press. The juice stays fresh for days with slow separation times compared to other cold press juicers.

The Bio Simple 3 Step Process


1: Grind & Press

2: Real Cold Press

3: Filter & Seperate

The fruit and vegetables are chopped

in the grinder then fall directly into the press for squeezing.

The fruit & vegetable pulp is then cold pressed. The pulp is not forced against sharp screens like other methods. It is slowly pressed in a gentle, natural process.

The Bio filter bags filter out the juice leaving the fibre, skin & seeds behind which can be used for farmers fields or as other products. The juice produced is a smooth high quality juice and has no bits with no need for extra filtration.

There's no point making juice, if you have no time to sell it.....


Save Time & Increase
Productivity With Bio

A lot of our clients express the pain they have spending hours chopping, peeling, preparing and juicing. Our Bio Juicers are designed for batch making and will save you time with no need to peel or chop your ingredients. This means a Bio Juicer with save you many hours increasing your productivity and allowing you to spend that saved time selling your juice and putting it back into your business for marketing or pitching to new clients for example. Increase juice to sell and have more time to sell it a win, win.

There's A BIO Juicer To Suit Your Budget & Juice Output.....


Bio Mini

Bio Midi

Bio Mark 7

Free Worldwide

We offer FREE worldwide shipping on all our Bio Juicers. This includes shipping to your regions port but does not include Import & customs duties. Free Shipping is only to the regions our shipping agent can ship too. Please contact us to discuss your shipping requirements.

* within our shipping agents regions only


You wouldn't buy a car before test driving, So come and test drive a Bio with
a FREE Demonstration, We will even supply your required produce.....

bio demo.jpg

Free Bio Demonstration

Here at Bio we know you wouldn't buy a car without test driving it so why not come and have some fun juicing on our Bio Juicers. Its a great way to learn about the operation of the juicer and to see the great performance and quality of juice our Bio Juicers produce. It's absolutely FREE and will only cost you your time and possibly some fuel. We will even supply your required recipe fruit & vegetables that you would like to juice. You even get to keep the juice and take it home with you so you can see things like seperation times etc. We can even assist you in your travel arrangements collecting you from our local train stations or Airports.

Book Your FREE Demo Now


Our Great Bio Aftersales Support

after sales support.png

Aftersales Support

Here at Bio we believe that great customer service should stop after your purchase. All our juicers come with warranty. The type of warranty depends on your location. However you will always get our lifetime technical support FREE of charge. This means you can contact us anytime via Whatsapp or phone call with any issues.

What Our Bio Customers Say.....

Our Bio Clients

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