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Our BIOgraphy

Bio Commercial Cold Press Juicers are the only UK manufacturers of commercial cold press juicers. We now export Bio Juicers all over the world and have become a leading brand in the market for commercial cold press juicers. Bio was started 8 years ago when our Managing Director was called to repair a Goodnature X1 juicer here in the UK. When he asked the owner where they got there machine from they said America. He asked them why they didn't purchase it here in the UK and the owner replied "That no one manufactures them here". That was our Managing Director's light bulb moment. We then started researching and after a few months had our first prototype machine which sat in our office for months. Then one day a gentleman walked in and had investors from London and they purchased four juicers. With their help and guidance we then improved the juicers to their requirements and with this new capital Bio was born. We then used this capital to manufacture more machines. Since then we have developed our product range listening to the feedback from our clients and evolving the juicers design for easier operation and more efficiency. We now offer juicers to suit all budgets and outputs from start ups to factory level and even custom manufactured machines to the clients requirements.

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