Our BIOgraphy

BIO Commercial Cold Press Juicers is the only British manufacturer of commercial cold press juicers. The idea was born back in 2015 when the managing director saw the success of cold press juice in America and the juicers available. After researching he realised that most UK juice producers where purchasing machines abroad and paying huge shipping and import costs. This was due to no UK manufacturers. After manufacturing the first ever BIO Mark 1 prototype he had cracked the basics and it was time to market the idea. Luckily the break came with a client ordering four machines which created enough capital to move forward and create the brand. Since then we have listened to feedback and evolved the juicers to their latest models you see today. BIO as a brand has really took off with units all over the world. As cold press juice really takes off here in the UK we are ready to support you with the machinery and expertise to move your juicing business forward.

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